If your board meetings are glorified ops meetings, you’re leaving achieving your strategy to chance.

We help you put in place an intentional, effective and human process to systematically meet your goals. At its heart is a redefined board meeting, which becomes the brain and pulse for achieving your strategy.

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Many consultancies and agencies lose their strategy before they’ve even started the year. They do that by not having a system to actually execute on them. They use board meetings to discuss ops issues, utilisation, current client issues, rather than to actually push their strategy forward.

Sad to say that most board meetings I’ve attended have been effectively Ops meetings which happen to have with the full board present. In a couple of instances, this included having non-Execs sitting for hours while utilisation reports were gone through, and questions about “Why is Mel still at 14% for the third month” were discussed ad-nauseam.

Ops meetings are essential, but should have their right attendees and be ops meetings – not masquerade as board meetings. 

Spending so much time on ops in a board meeting is a frightening waste of time. But more importantly, it robs the board of a key tool to achieve its goals.

There is a better way. The approach we advocate, based loosely on the Scrum methodology, has been successfully used by our clients to turn board meeting into a pulse for strategy execution.

We call it a machine not to be cutesy, but because it contains rules, agendas, and processes to translate company goals to living actions. Almost mechanised. Almost!

Consultancy Board Meeting

Our Board Strategy Execution coaching workshop takes a full day. In the morning, we go through the process with you, and explain how and why it works. In the afternoon, we work with you to translate your own goals into the process so that you start the process there and then.

The two parts of the day are essential – they leave you not only understanding the process, but with your own goals turned into a well formed process that is alive and has momentum. This is critical – training is valueless unless it is applied.

The day is run custom for only one company at a time – we’re not looking for you to share your goals with any other organisations. It also needs the board to attend, undistracted, for the day.

It’s a big investment of your time. But if you’re serious about achieving your goals, and want a method to get there, applying the process to your business will yield a substantial return.

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To talk to us about this, complete form at top of page

About me

I’m Iyas, the founder of Inspired Indie. I have consulted with some of the UK’s largest companies, helping them to make the best use of technology to support their business, marketing and operating strategies.

I grew and led a team of nearly 500 consultants that worked with companies like Virgin Atlantic, Barclaycard and Debenhams to win awards for delivering significant business impact using technology, especially using the web, data and automating processes.

Through that time, and especially towards the end, I became more and more convinced that a more human and sustainable world could be built on the success of independent entrepreneurial and local businesses. Businesses that valued their founders, their customers and their staff more highly than some sharp-suited trader looking for a quick buck on the stockmarket.

So I decided to leave the big multi-nationals, and use the skills I gained there to support entrepreneurs and local businesses succeed.

And that’s where Inspired Indie (and you?) come in. Helping local and entrepreneurial businesses succeed is not just my business, it’s my conviction.

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