Profitable and Values-Led Growth for
Tech Consultancies and Digital Agencies

How we help

We support owners and leaders of technology consultancies and digital agencies looking for ways to achieve or accelerate their growth ambitions. Our clients turn to us either to help guide them through and accelerate growth, or to break through a plateau which they've hit. Typically, we do this in one of these 3 ways...

Exec Coaching Programme

  • Create scalable foundation
  • Build for sales, delivery and culture
  • 90 day online with videos, webinars & supporting materials
  • Best for team size above 10

Exec Mentoring Programme

  • Intensive Growth programme to accelerate profitable growth and scale
  • Identify, plan and execute areas that create biggest impact
  • Maintain and deepen culture and values
  • Year-long engagement
  • Best for team size above10 with ambition

Advisory Engagement

  • Maintain or accelerate growth without exploding or imploding
  • Advice or dive into specific topics
  • Advisory on call / email and up to a day per month on site
  • Best for companies growing confidently, looking for sounding board, experience and strategic input

We put values front and centre, and base our work on experience growing and selling a tech consultancy / full services agency to over £40m.

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Our experience


Doing my best to look earnest!

I'm Iyas, the creator of Values-Led Consulting. I've led consultancies from 2 man startup through rapid growth, turnaround, IPO and trade-sale. To flesh that out a little:

  • Co-founded a business and technology consultancy;
  • Grew it from 2 to 30+ consultants;
  • Acquired by a consultancy / full services agency, and joined its board;
  • Led a turnaround of our largest delivery team which threatened our survival, growing it from 60 to 200 and making us a destination employer;
  • On the board as we IPOed on AIM, then sold the company to a large corporate for over £40 million;
  • Led a team of 500 consultants across Europe post-acquisition;
  • Then supported other consultancies and agencies to find their own paths to growth with values.

Most importantly, all of that happened by focussing on values, and having an absurd amount of fun along the way.

Latest posts

80/20 isn’t just about dropping the 80%

March 9, 2018
I'm sure you've read the tips from the business and entrepreneurship writers about 80/20. Drop the bottom 80% of your clients because they're more hassle than they're worth. Drop 80% of the tasks you do, because they generate negligible value. Drop 80% of your offerings because your growth is coming from the top 20%. All sage advice, except that those writers never then go binary on the fact that doing this is not enough. You need to get all over the remaining 20% to actually make your consultancy explode.

If you don’t hear from us, assume we’re arrogant

January 26, 2018
There's a growing tendency for companies to not reply to job applicants who've not been successful. This is not only highly disrespectful, but harmful for a company's reputation. Use rejections as an opportunity to enhance your applicants' prospects and your own reputation.
Exit Process

Embrace your leavers

October 17, 2017
Most companies deal with leavers passively. Many do so destructively. The reality is, though, that there are things you can do before a resignation even comes, once it's landed, and after someone has left to make departures have a positive impact. This is especially true in consultancies where word gets round.

Our mission

The goal of Values-Led Consulting is to empower our industry of thinkers and doers to solve the world's biggest problems and realise its biggest opportunities. To do that, our companies need to be both financially strong and centred on positive values.

We owe it to each other to make sure that technology is used as a force for good. Amazon's built a platform that makes it so easy to buy that we buy more than we should. Facebook has created a platform that has us both communicating more and exploring less. Apple has created products that teach us a new aesthetic, and conditioned us to throw things out and create waste for no reason better than wanting the new new. Technology has given us opportunities and also created problems faster than ever before.

You're here because you sell professional services based on your technology nous. You probably employ some of the brightest, most capable and most resourceful people in and around technology. Your team is able to help us all make sure that we're using technology to create impactful and sustainable good. But they can only do that so long are you're growing a profitable company that meets your aims, and doing so on a basis of creating value.

So what we do is simple. We work with owners and leaders of technology consultancies and digital agencies to help them grow their companies profitably while leading with their values.

The Values Led Consulting Community

We created the Values Led Consulting community for owners and leaders of technology consultancies and digital agencies to get together and discuss how we grow, how we contribute, and how we enjoy the ride. It is strictly for owners or top-level directors of Tech Consultancies and Digital Agencies - don't be offended if we just check that this is who you are! It's organised on Meetup.