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2017 Tech & Design Salary Surveys, Tools, Careers and More from O’Reilly

by Iyas
These 4 excellent reports from O'Reilly are for companies that employ technologists and designers (know any of those?). Although they are ostensibly about salary, they provide a wealth of valuable information about many other topics of concern to designers and technologists. From time spent on different types of tasks, to tool and framework preferences, to job satisfaction, as well as numerous influencers of salary, there's a lot of useful info for our industry.

The Value/s Led Consulting Framework for Profitable Growth Leading with your Values

by Iyas
We've distilled our experience of profitably growing and scaling technical consultancies and digital agencies into the Value/s Led Consulting framework. That experience includes going from a 2 man startup to a £40 million+ full services agency and tech consultancy. This framework comprises 9 business areas, and 2 underpinning core practices. With templates, training, videos and coaching. This blog post introduces the framework, and, disclaimer, also links for you to join us!
Between Project Work

How do I keep my consultants productive between client projects?

by Iyas
Between-project time for consultants is notoriously badly managed. Not to have a strategy in place for it results in significant opportunity cost, and is also bad for keeping your consultants engaged (and retained!). Here's how to use that time to effectively drive strategy forward and develop and enable your consultants.
Growing a consultancy is hard without being noticed

The 3 Key Things That Leaders of Successful Consultancies Focus On

by Iyas
Growing a consulting or agency business is all about engaging in multiplicative activities. That means stepping out of delivery, not diving into accounts or ops, but focusing all your effort on how you can scale your sales, your delivery, and your culture. Here's a lot more detail on what that means in practice.