Thank you for enrolling with our core membership programme for Value/s Led Consulting. We start on to be confirmed. Contact us if you want to know more. with our module on the Consultancy / Agency Board and Leadership. I'll send you access details and an invitation to the first live webinar by email closer to the time.


Emails about your membership and our sessions will come from and Those are sent automated. (Sorry! I do the personal thing on the webinars and coaching, but the login emails are sent automatically.) To ensure your email service provider doesn't mark them as junk and stop you from getting what you've paid for, please whitelist or mark those email addresses as safe.


You've already been billed to secure your place for the program. If you're on the monthly plan, as we start on the to be confirmed. Contact us if you want to know more., your next bill date will be a month after the start date, and will be monthly from that point.

Thank you again, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at: I hope this journey is profitable, meaningful, and enjoyable for you!