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Consultancy Diagnostic

Identify your biggest opportunities for growth, scale or profitability

10x to 30x ROI

In 3 to 5 days over a 2 week period, our Managing Partner  will review all key areas of your consultancy and give you a to-the-point actionable list of recommendations to scale, grow or turnaround your organisation.

What does the engagement look like?

The goal is to give you a very specific set of actionable recommendations of what it would take to make the biggest impact to your business. The recommendations are in a tight, straight to the point document of no more than 4 or 5 pages. More important than the document are the deep discussions, thought provocations and suggestions through the engagement.
Over 3 to 5 days, we'll cover areas in the above graphic in 4 sections:
  • Viability: Sales, cash flow, project delivery, margin - the oxygen without which there is no business;
  • Control: how your leadership understands how business is going, and the mechanisms for running it;
  • Intentionality: the critical building blocks, especially in a people-focussed organisation, for scale;
  • Business areas: the core business areas of a consulting organisation.

Let's talk

If you'd like to see if a consultancy / agency diagnostic would help you achieve your business goals, schedule a 45 minute chat with Iyas, or contact us and we'll get back in touch.

Iyas's background and experience

I'm Iyas, the founder of Inspired Indie. I deliver our consultancy diagnostics as outlined on this page.

I co-founded a technology and business consultancy which, via acquisitions, turnaround, IPO and trade sale had me leading teams and companies from 2 people to 500, with revenues from £0 to high 8 figures. At one stage, we were ranked the 4th Full Service Agency in Europe by Forrester.

I returned to the dynamic world of entrepreneurs, supporting CEOs and their leadership teams develop and make their strategy a reality. For some, that has meant doubling the business. Others, turning profitable, or dramatically improving margin. Sometimes to exit at unexpectedly high multiples.

Always with values at the core, and humour along the way.

Phase 1 - Startup to 30 consultants

  • Co-founded a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse consultancy;
  • Grew it to 30+ consultants;
  • Primarily blue-chip client base such as Lloyds, Mothercare, Debenhams and Yell.
  • Merged into a larger Business and Technology consultancy, in which I took a shareholding stake.

Phase 2 - Communities of Practice

  • Took on a board role in merged consultancy to develop our Intellectual Capital;
  • Created communities of practice and community days, which were responsible for significant increases in knowledge sharing and capability development.

Phase 3 - Turnaround and Rapid Growth to 200 Consultants

  • As part owner and board director, took over a team of 60 consultants, our largest, in a turnaround scenario;
  • Leading with a set of principles focussed on developing our team to become world class, I put in place a structure and practices that reduced consultant churn (i.e. the % leaving us every year) from a disastrous 40% to an industry leading 6%;
  • Grew the practice to over 200 consultants, started a practice in India, recruited a support team, recruited a recruiter to overhaul recruitment (too many 'recruits' in that sentence?);
  • Made us a destination employer so we no longer needed any external recruitment while we grew from 60 to over 200 consultants, and saving well over £1 million in recruitment fees;
  • Created an environment where we achieved recognition (ranked 4th Full Services Agency in Europe by Forrester), challenged and grew the best consultants, and (nearly) all enjoyed the ride;
  • Created a children's charity alongside, and aligned our consultancy's fundraising efforts to it with fun events put on by our operations team.

Phase 4 - Acquired for £42M

  • Board member and part owner when we were acquired for £42 Million ($84 Million at the time) to kick-start a consulting practice across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
  • Took on the entire EMEA consulting team of nearly 500 ranging from UK to South Africa, Spain to the Middle East;
  • Grew and started practices in new territories;
  • Left to go back to independent companies where I believed the values were more aligned with my own beliefs.

Phase 5 - Helping Other Consultancies

  • Founded Inspired Indie to work with independent companies looking to grow in a way that is aligned with the founders' values. Using growth and values to reinforce each other, rather than in opposition.
  • Started working with consultancies, the businesses that are closest to my heart and experience.
Yes, everything I do is mindmapped!