Our Consulting Skills Course helps your consultants grow themselves and your business. By focussing on improving their own skills, their ability to identify ways to add more value to your clients and building relationships to become trusted advisors.

All in line with your values and culture.

If your consultants excel at delivery, but every project is a discrete one-off, then you're missing the biggest opportunities for growth.

Consultant Skills Training

Consulting Skills is a pragmatic hands on course that evolved from one of the UK’s most successful independent consulting organisations.

Based on a common need to consciously move the organisation away from pure discrete delivery and towards building relationships and adding value alongside delivery , it helps each consultant develop the skills to become a trusted advisor for their clients, and become key contributors in enhancing the culture, success and profitability of their consulting organisation.

This course gives individuals and consulting organisations the opportunity to practice this approach within the safe confines of a tough but safe environment. Learning is cemented through the sharing or real world examples and experiences.

Course Objectives & Benefits

Increase sales and retain clients

  • Sell with a focus on solutions delivering value
  • Develop negotiation skills to identify ways to meet both client and consultancy needs
  • Build stronger and longer-lasting client relationships

Develop and Retain Consultants

  • Develop a range of interpersonal and consultative skills
  • Deepen knowledge and link to consultancy
  • Deepen relationships between consultants

Increase profitability

  • Improve project profitability by increasing awareness of profitability drivers, and the ability to identify, escalate and resolve project issues
  • Improve HR costs by reducing consulting churn
  • Increase client profitability by reducing cost of sale and increasing client retention
Consultant Skills Training

It works because it's real


Customised to each client, the focus is on your business, your consultants and the situations they face everyday.

Effectively Delivered

Delivered by successful consultants of many years' standing, alongside your key staff to make it more relevant

Simple to Apply

No confusing theories - only easy to apply, pragmatic and proven strategies, tips and techniques.

End to End

Your consultants spend the majority of their time on delivery. We help them understand the importance of pre-sales & post-delivery.

Highly Interactive

Safe environment
Not a day off, no hiding place
Sharing of Experience
Informal, Stimulating & Fun

Senior Engagement

Senior Sponsorship
Management participation
Sheer cost of consultant training days!

Course Agenda


Company Background

How much do individual consultants know or understand about the company?

What are your key goals & values?

What makes you stand apart from the competition?

This provides the perfect opportunity to reaffirm what is important and why via consistent messaging

Your elevator Pitch

As an individual consultant this can be a daunting situation.

Others find it easy but can often say the wrong thing.

This session explores the key ingredients to becoming comfortable & getting this right.

Sales Pitch

How good is the understanding of client requirements?

Credibility to deliver, solution robustness and value are all critical ingredients in any successful pitch.

With a team based role-play that centres around a client pitch to be delivered in tight timescales.


Defining Project Purpose

Delivery often takes place with most of those involved unaware of the true project goals.

Understanding the real value led reasons for change elevates the quality of delivery.

This gives greater alignment to the client business objectives, and leads to greater partnership.

Client Negotiation

Consultants negotiate all of the time.

Learning from their own and others' experiences it is key to stay objective & not emotional.

This role play scenario enables team to prepare fully and practice in a safe environment.

Delivering a Profit

Profitability should not be the sole preserve of the Company Directorship.

Each step of delivery (and in-between times) includes opportunities to increase revenue or decrease costs.

Understanding the key drivers enables all consultants to help maximise potential profitability.


Team Dynamics

How aware are consultants of their own natural working styles and how this relates to others?

Can people adapt their style to compliment others?

The best teams are likely to have greater awareness of each others natural strengths and weaknesses.

Presentation Techniques

Whether we like it or not all consultants are on show all of the time and not just via formal PPT presentations. Every thing we say and do in front of a client can define the professional consultant.

There is no substitute for recognising this and being prepared - small changes can change perception enormously.

This is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the basics & put them into practice.


Positive feedback is always welcomed. However constructive feedback is key to enable improvement.

Learn & Practice how to deliver and receive feedback in a positive and welcome manner.

Seek out opportunities to gain others' insight.

Key Trainer Bio

Tim Barker is a Management Consultant with 20+ years experience in leading teams of technology & business individuals working together to achieve business benefit.

Tim’s focus is and has always been on understanding and delivering to the interests of his key business stakeholders both external and internal. Many of his successes have been based upon smaller initial engagements that have proved themselves and gone on to become large multi £M relationships. Finding ways to ensure client satisfaction, nurture an enduring partnership and maintain good consulting profitability has always been key.

In addition to personal delivery of large global programmes, Tim also has experience in building and managing consulting organisations. His last role was as UK & Ireland Delivery Lead for EMC UKI Professional Services responsible for circa 2000 Projects per quarter, £60M annual revenue delivery via a large team of onshore & offshore Programme & Project Managers.

He first became interested in teaching Consulting Skills at Conchango where he was responsible for the primary 5 year programme that all consultants (300+) went through. This continued onto his time at EMC Consulting.

Sharing experience through training, coaching and guidance has been a strong theme of his career and he continues this through an enjoyable and thought provoking delivery of Consulting Skills.

His style is pragmatic and focusses on the simple & repeatable.