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If you don’t hear from us, assume we’re arrogant

by Iyas
There's a growing tendency for companies to not reply to job applicants who've not been successful. This is not only highly disrespectful, but harmful for a company's reputation. Use rejections as an opportunity to enhance your applicants' prospects and your own reputation.

2017 Tech & Design Salary Surveys, Tools, Careers and More from O’Reilly

by Iyas
These 4 excellent reports from O'Reilly are for companies that employ technologists and designers (know any of those?). Although they are ostensibly about salary, they provide a wealth of valuable information about many other topics of concern to designers and technologists. From time spent on different types of tasks, to tool and framework preferences, to job satisfaction, as well as numerous influencers of salary, there's a lot of useful info for our industry.
The Boss's Offsite Friday Meeting

How Do We Foster Team and Company Loyalty In Our Consultancy?

by Iyas
Retaining your best consultants is no easy task. The most effective way to do it is to foster loyalty in your team, both to your consultancy and to each other. That takes a lot more than decent pay or yet another fusball table (spare me). Here are some real tips based on my experience of taking consultant employee churn down from 40% to an industry-leading 6%.
Work from home is not always predictable

Should My Consultants Work From Home Between Client Projects?

by Iyas
Consultancies and agencies often face the question of whether to let their consultants work from home between projects. Half-answers undermine work and fairness - the work doesn't get done as well as it could, and people end up not feeling particularly at ease with being at home. And the options enabled by technology end up being a distraction rather than an enabler. A simple set of guidelines is both humane and effective. And it needn't be that hard. Here's a starter to getting some guidelines…

How do we convince great contractors to join us as consultants without matching their day rate?

by Iyas
One of the contractors you have on one of your projects turns out to be a superstar. You want to hire her. Except she's on a day rate you can't match in a salary. What to do? I hesitate before answering this question, because there's one to be answered before that. Which is whether it is a good idea to hire her at all. Don't expect that a great contractor would always make a great consultant. There are some pretty fundamental mindset changes that need to happen.
My Team of Happy Millenials

Looking to Recruit the Best Consultants? Then Learn from a 1940s Psychologist

by Iyas
Consultancies, agencies and all professional services firms need to be obsessive about talent acquisition and retention. In today's world, that extends to giving your staff a greater sense of meaning at work. Maslow said so!

How Culture Created Currency (…and Fun) at our Consultancy

by Iyas
Think company culture only matters in textbooks and for change management consultants? In the consultancy / full services agency I sat on the board of, it translated quantifiably to multiple 7 figures added to our bottom line. Add everything else I've not tried to quantify, and it could easily be four times that.