We're on a mission to support independent businesses with Value Led Growth.


[MASS NOUN] The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
We believe all businesses must not only ensure they are paid for what they provide their customers, but must be even more obsessive about ensuring they provide their customers with value well in excess of what they paid.

(values) Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.
We believe all businesses must be driven by values and principles of contribution to their owners, staff, customers and communities.

We love business as much as we love contributing to our community and environment. We strongly believe that independent companies and locally-rooted organisations usually do that by their very existence far more than multi-nationals traded on the stock exchange. They are also the strongest consistent source of employment and allowing people to earn a living. So our desire for your success is not only important for our own, but it also comes right from the core of our beliefs.

Local over Global

We love businesses that benefit and add value to the local communities where they engage.

Entrepreneurs over Stock Markets

We love independent companies whose main aim is to add value to their customers, employees, founders and communities.

People as well as Profit

Businesses need profit, and entrepreneurs need to be rewarded for taking risk. We love businesses that balance this with being human.
I'm Iyas, the founder of Inspired Indie. I have consulted with some of the UK's largest companies, helping them to make the best use of technology to support their business, marketing and operating strategies.

I grew and led a team of nearly 500 consultants that worked with companies like Virgin Atlantic, Barclaycard and Debenhams to win awards for delivering significant business impact using technology, especially using the web, data and automating processes.

Through that time, and especially towards the end, I became more and more convinced that a more human and sustainable world could be built on the success of independent entrepreneurial and local businesses. Businesses that valued their founders, their customers and their staff more highly than some sharp-suited trader looking for a quick buck on the stockmarket.

So I decided to leave the big multi-nationals, and use the skills I gained there to support entrepreneurs and local businesses succeed.

And that's where Inspired Indie (and you?) come in. Helping local and entrepreneurial businesses succeed is not just my business, it's my conviction.
Yes, everything I do is mindmapped!